Slingly is a Proven eCommerce Automation Platform to Manage Your eStore and Generate More Sales


This site will give you a complete review of the Slingly Automation Platform. Slingly consist of  the software, the training and a great community of other eCommerce entrepreneurs. 

Here you will find the main benefits of Slingly and Why you should use it to have an eCommerce store up and running in minutes.

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Slingly goes beyond giving you the software tools to grow your eCommerce site further, it also provide all the training you need to be successful with your Shopify or online store. What is more, you will join an awesome community with very experienced entrepreneurs. This way you can learn from the best and try brand new ways to run your online shop that you probably did not think of. Slingly is a complete platform where you can find all the things you need to create a successful Shopfiy store with lots of sales.

Online shop

Proven system that is backed with millions of dollars of success in student results.

The great thing is that it has already proven itself. This is actually version 2 of Commercify. Commercify is a very successful eCommerce membership site that has helped many eCommerce owners with lots of tools and training material in 2016. All these tools and training videos will be updated and available in Slingly.

The students of Commercify not only achieved success within a few weeks, after about one year, in this year 2017, they still have a long term passive income stream with their Shopify store.

Why you should not delay any longer to get Your Own eCommerce Store

Thanks to Shopify we can now set up a store on the internet and get a slice of the billion dollar pie of the eCommerce world. You can achieve success much faster with eCommerce than any other type of online type of business. Around 20 to 30 years ago all the retail giants owned the eCommerce space, but now you can definitely compete with the big guys with your very own Shopify store.

Most of us are not very tech-savvy and struggle a bit with setting up a Shopify store quickly. The great news is that with Slingly you will have a Shopify store ready in a few minutes.

Software and step-by-step training is available to get you sales very soon within a few weeks.

Slingly will show you in their training how to market your store well to get lots of traffic to your Shopify store.

High quality software that have been tested well and is an upgrade of the already very succesful Commercify.

Ricky Mataka Founder Slingly

Ricky Mataka Founder Slingly

Ricky Mataka

The founder of Commercify and Slingly

  • Runs a Commerce team of over 35 People.
  • Generated over 8 Million in Online Sales Since 2011.
  • 18 Year Software Development for Top Software Companies and Himself.

Reviews from the first release (Commercify)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Commercify made my store actually look like a legit store! Being able to offer multiple products in multiple niches lends a sense of legitimacy to the store. It doesn’t make it look like it was simply thrown up in minutes. It has saved me hundreds of hours of time!

Jennifer Warren
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Ricky Mataka and all your team are ROCK STARS! You give so much value and bang for the buck! Insane amount of info and tools to make all of us money! Thanks for all your efforts! Keep up the amazing work!!

Hans Brinx
5(based on 3 reviews)
  • Just wanted to say thank you guys so very much. You guys rock. I started Commercify 2 weeks ago and before starting I have had a sell here and there, but by following their strategies I have finally hit a hundred dollar a day!!!! All I have to say is please do not give up and keep pushing forward!!! Highly recommended! Matt Dahlhauser
  • For those who are new and a bit disheartened after trying out a few products & ads. The results show how bad I was in eCom (and still am). Selling only $1,000 in 3 1/2 months. 1st sale was on March 31st. Jeez, some guys here are raking in $1000 a freakin day! I have been pursuing the Make Money Online for many years but never made it as I had the Shiny Object syndrome disease plus I can only paint by numbers (meaning monkey see, monkey do), until now! Go check out this platform, you wont regret it! Alan Leong
  • DON'T GIVE UP .... Almost pulled the plug, and glad I didn't... I had lots of hurdles including some printing issues, but we got them worked out.... And yesterday I had my first day of $100+ revenue, and was profitable!!! I was SO excited, and the order kept rolling in. And now today, I already passed yesterdays totals by 9am! Robert Sager Jordan